Different Kinds of Orchids – Asparagus, Laelia, Moth Orchids and Slipper Orchids

Different Kinds of Orchids – Asparagus, Laelia, Moth Orchids and Slipper Orchids


Different Kinds of Orchids

Even though there are over 30,000 different kinds of orchids and a few thousand hybrids, there are only two types of orchids. Terrestrial orchids are orchids that grow on the ground and epiphytes orchids that grow on trees or rocks.

Terrestrial Orchids

Terrestrial orchids have roots that grow underneath the surface of the soil. This type of orchids can be found in the most extreme climates of the world. You can find these orchids in places with warm temperatures and in humid, tropical climates. Many terrestrial orchids come from countries that have climates similar to the equator. You can find cymbidium orchids and paphiopedilum orchids in this category.

You can find this type of orchids in their natural habitat throughout the world. Some Different Kinds of Orchids  terrestrial orchids are still able to live in the excellent conditions that most terrestrial orchids live in.

Epiphytes Orchids

These orchids have a root system above ground. They are not parasitic to trees or rocks, but they are not Louvre specimens either. This type of orchid can be found naturally in their tropical, subtropical, and mountainous regions of the world. You can also find several species of this type of orchid in Australia. They even grow on trees in their natural habitat. They have fleshy roots that grow horizontally just beneath the surface of the soil. This type of orchids love generous amounts of nutrition and lots of sunlight. They do not do well in dry conditions. This orchid type does not readily hybridize with other orchid species.


Laelias are one of the most beautiful types of orchids. They have approximately 30,000 species in addition to thousands of hybrids. They are known for their long-lasting aesthetics. You can find Laelias in a variety of colors including white, green, yellow, pink and purple. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Miltonias Different Kinds of Orchids

Miltonias are also know as “pansy orchids”. They have a large “p” for its name. These orchids have an assortment of colors to choose from, although most do go with the lighter colors of pink and white. Red is not a true universal color for most orchids, but this species of orchid does have a deep red that will last through the winter and appears again during the next bloom.

You will be able to find these orchids in their natural habitat in their Different Kinds of Orchids  indigenous regions of South and Central America, as well as in tropical and subtropical regions throughout Asia.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

These are among the most popular of orchids in the hobby and they Different Kinds of Orchids  are naturally found throughout the Philippines, and other nearby locations. They include moth orchids with scents ranging from sweet to rank. These orchids are most known for their long-lasting flowers that are highly sought after by both hobbyists and professionals.

Vandas Orchids

Orchids are amazingly beautiful plants that can be cultivated using the right methods. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a plant for your home is the maintenance schedule. While most plants require an incredible amount of care, there are also plants that can thrive with minimum care. You will need to be aware of the amount of time that you can commitment to a plant in order to ensure that it has the chance to thrive.

These are just some of the many different kinds of orchids. It is obvious that you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible before you decide to begin cultivating these wonderful plants. The better you know about your plant, the better you will be able to take care of it.

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