How to Buy The Best Swimsuit, Or Bikini For You

How to Buy

How to Buy The Best Swimsuit, Or Bikini For You

The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape How to Buy

No, it’s not an oxymoron; you really can determine your best-beats How to Buy swimsuit simply by pointing the mirror and taking a gander at your figure. All you need is a little honesty and adequate knowledge of your body shape. With this in mind, you’ll be ready to buy a swimsuit, bikini or swimsuit bikinis to suit your best-beats shape. Here’s how:

Body Type 1: the Pear

Once you’re slim/nymph and have a shell-shaped, downward jaw line and/or small upper body structure, you’ll want to use your best assets to highlight this particular body type. This basically means you want to highlight your bottom half, generally speaking, what people would consider your for. So, if you have a flat butt then you want to do everything you can to make your butt look higher (or resemble a Vegas show girl). Likewise, if you have ‘olive muscles’ in the stomach area then it’s great if you use a swimsuit to emphasize both your top and bottom halves.

For this body type, we’re showing the high-cut leg cut on the outside – but the beauty of it is that it will flatter any yours even if it’s a little wider than you would like. Also, don’t wear bottoms that are super-tight. Burly unsightly bottoms give you a very outdated appearance.

Body Type 2: The Tall

As a rule of thumb you want to create more height. However, to do this you’re going to have to spend some time and money on your shoestring choices. Therefore, if you have a petite figure you will want to go for a higher cut in your swimsuit. Just be careful that you don’t go to extremes with the top. Overdoing the horizontal lines will visually shrink you much more than necessary. You want the focus to be on your chest, (its biggest body feature) not your hips and legs.

Also, avoid super-short shortsleeves that sit too high How to Buy on your behind. There are cuts today that give you the right amount of height and significantly improve your profile. Tall, boxy swimsuits with vertical lines, and v-style bottoms work well on this How to Buy body type as well.

Body Type 3: The Big Busted สล็อตเว็บตรง

Your top half is slim but you have a generous bust. You want to distinguish yourself from the other girls, but only with your top half. If you have a generous bust then you’ll want to look for a swimsuit that gives you some support. You may also How to Buy want to look for one with wide straps. There are swimsuits around now that gives you the look of a smaller bust. Also, you can give your arms a girlish fun with a tankini with a halter-top.

Last, but not least, you can give yourself a fuller How to Buy red pucker with a swimsuit that shows some cleavage. Look for a top with adjustable ties or back ties; this way you can adjust the size of the top to the size of your choice without having to buy a new one. The wide-rimmed bikini bottom will give you a red tinge without being too American. You can also look for a swimsuit with stripes in a dark background or a cute heart-shaped pattern.

Whatever swimsuit you choose, always look and opt for the one that reflects your true colors. The right swimsuit will give you a flattering, slimming appearance. And don’t forget to accessorize appropriately!

Remember, your swimsuit plays an important role in making you stand out. Choose the swimsuit that suits your body type and surroundings. Most importantly, choose a swimsuit that you feel most comfortable in. It should be a swimsuit that enhances your real beauty.

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